Lango Translation Services in Uganda

Our agency provides Lango translation Services in Uganda to global clients. We have well-trained native Lango translators in Uganda to handle all Lango translation jobs. Similarly, they are knowledgeable and skillful in translation work hence high quality Lango translation services in Uganda. So some of the industries handled include, medical, banking, finance, education, research, business, law, among others.

Presently, we offer Document translation, Audio/video Transcription, Proofreading and Copy editing, Revision, Interpreting services, Subtitling, services and so on.

Briefly About Lango Language

Lango is an indigenous language of the Langi people of Uganda. It is a southern Luo dialect majorly spoken in Lango sub-region in Northern Uganda. The language has a total number of about 2.6 million speakers in Uganda. Similarly, Lango language has a closed relation to other Luo languages including Adhola, Kumam and Acholi. So some of the areas with Lango speakers include Lira and Gulu districts of northern Uganda.

Quality Lango Translation Services in Uganda

We provide Lango document translation services in Uganda of all types. Our Luo translators in Uganda are well-equipped with knowledge and skills in translation hence high quality services. They are skillful and capable of delivering the best Lango translation services in Uganda. Some of the document forms translated are academic documents, medical, legal, research, official, banking, business, financial, among others.

However, we offer other Ugandan and African languages such as Ateso, Luganda, Adhola, Acholi, Lugisu, Lusoga, Lugbara, Runyankole, Rukiga, Runyoro, Rutooro, Karimojong, Ik, Lugwere, Aringa, Alur, Rukonjo, Samia, Swahili, Kumam, Kakwa, Sabinyi, English, Arabic, Dinka, Juba Arabic, Nuer, in South Sudan, Kinyarwanda, Afrikaans, Sudanese Arabic, among others.

Reasons to prefer us for Lango Translation Services in Uganda

  • We always deliver quality translation services beyond the clients’ expectations
  • Flexible pricing, we are flexible on rates to charge the clients for high-quality translation services.
  • We have proficient and knowledgeable Lango translators in Uganda who know their work hence high quality Lango translation services in Uganda.
  • Discount offers to clients, they enjoy some rate discounts especially in large volumes of work but at the same quality of services.

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