Interpretation Services in Kampala, Uganda

Our company is a provider of professional interpretation services in Kampala. We facilitate different types of events in Uganda and across African continent providing quality interpreting services in Kampala. These include; Conferences, Training, Meetings, Interviews, seminars and workshops. Additionally, we have a very competent team of interpreters in Kampala, Uganda and Africa in general. And so we have the capacity to provide professional interpreting services in Kampala and beyond.

Some of the interpretation languages include English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and other Ugandan local languages. Conference interpretation types covered include Simultaneous interpretation, Consecutive, Whisper, Phone, and so on.

Professional Interpreting Services in Kampala

We provide professional interpreting services in Kampala. Our interpretation team in Uganda comprises of knowledgeable and skilled conference interpreters in Kampala. We specialize in conference interpretation services in Kampala and are natives to their languages. Some of the forms of events covered include Conferences, Meetings, Seminars and workshops, Training, interviews, mention but a few.

However, we also provide other Translation services like Document translation, Transcription, Editing and proofreading and subtitling services in several African languages. These include; Ateso, Adhola, Luganda, Lugbara, Lugisu, Runyankole, Rukiga, Rutooro, Runyoro, Lugwere, French, Arabic, Juba Arabic, Sudanese Arabic, Bari, Aringa, Alur, Lano, Acholi, Dinka, Lusoga, Lunyole, Rukonjo, Swahili, Karimojong, Sabinyi, Runyakitara, Kikongo, Lingala, Afrikaans, Igbo, Hausa, Twi, Zulu, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and so on.

Why should you Trust us for professional interpretation services in Kampala

Afrilang is the most reliable providers of professional interpretation services in Kampala. We competitively price our services. Additionally, we supply quality interpreting services in Kampala delivered by accomplished professional interpreters. Hence, they deliver quality interpretation services in Kampala.

Besides, we have modern interpretation equipment for facilitation of the interpretation process for all kinds of events. It is comprise soundproof booth, Table microphones, Wireless receivers, Public Address system, among others.

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