Lugbara Translation Services in Uganda

Afrilang Translations provides Lugbara translation services in Uganda. We translate several document types to all Ugandan languages including Lugbara. Some of the industries we handle include, finance and banking, education, medical, law, business and research, et cetera. Similarly, we involve experienced and highly competent Lugbara translators in Uganda. And hence offering high quality Lugbara translation services in Uganda. Currently, Document translation, Transcription, Editing and proofreading, Subtitling, Revision, services offered in this language.

Brief About Lugbara/Lugbarati

Lugbara also called Lugbarati, a central Sudanic language native to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is spoken by the Lugbara people of west Nile region of North-western Uganda and Orientale province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The language has a close relation with Aringa language known as Low Lugbara.  Lugbara in Uganda has over 1.7 million speakers in Uganda and 2,400,000 in DRC by 2013.

High quality Lugbara Translation Services in Uganda

Our agency supplies Lugbara translation services in Uganda for all industries. We translate all types of documents from English to Lugbara and conversely. Presently, we handle research, education, medical, financial, banking, business and official documents, and so on.

However, we offer other African languages including Luganda, Acholi, Lango, Ateso, Kumam, Madi, Swahili, Adhola, Ik, Runyankole, Runyakitara, Rutooro, Runyoro, Rukiga, Lusoga, Lugwere, Lusamia, Alur, Lunyole, Rukonjo, Lugisu, Lumasaaba, Aringa, Sabinyi, Madi, Kakwa, Arabic, French, Juba Arabic, Sudanese Arabic, Dinka, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Luo, and so on.

Reasons for Trusting Afrilang Translations for Lugbara Translation Services in Uganda

  • Quality delivery of services, while offering the services, we observe quality of the services offered. And therefore ensure that clients consume the best translation services.
  • We employ native Lugbara translators who know their mother language to do the work. And hence quality services offered.
  • Flexible rates, our service rates are flexible basing on the client’s budget.
  • We have determined Lugbara translators with experience in their fields of translation hence quality Lugbara translation services.

For additional information about Lugbara translation services, please contact Afrilang Translations by email at Alternatively, you may call us on the contact at the website or visit our office and we shall help.