Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Uganda

Our agency offers professional Simultaneous interpretation services in Uganda and beyond. We facilitate all types of events with professional Simultaneous interpreting services in Uganda. So we deliver through knowledgeable and proficient conference interpreters in Uganda. Additionally, all interpreters we engaged have skills in conference interpretation services and use of Simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Besides, we have modern simultaneous interpretation equipment for facilitating simultaneous interpreting process. Our interpretation equipment comprises of soundproof booth, Table microphones, Wireless receivers, headsets, among others.

Meaning of Simultaneous Interpretation

In Simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter conveys the message said by the original speaker to the target audience continuously. So this type of interpretation commonly used in high profile events like meetings, Conferences, Training, Workshops and seminars, Interviews. While employing simultaneous method of interpretation, an interpreter sits in a soundproof booth as he does the job. Additionally, simultaneous requires much attention and seriousness by interpreters making it kinder complex than other interpretation forms.

Major Languages Offered

English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, and so on. We also offer Professional Simultaneous interpretation services in Uganda for local Ugandan languages.

Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Uganda

We provide Simultaneous Interpretation services in Uganda and all over Africa. Our team comprises of native Simultaneous interpreters living in Uganda, hence quality Simultaneous interpretation services in Uganda. Furthermore, they have experience and expertise in providing quality Simultaneous interpretation services in Uganda to various clients globally. So we have interpreters for Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Runyankole, Luganda, Rukiga, Ateso interpreters, among others.

Other Interpretation Types offered

Why to hire Afrilang Translation for Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Uganda?

  • We employ proficient and knowledgeable in conference interpreters with skills in Simultaneous interpreting services and use of modern Interpretation equipment.
  • Use of modern interpretation equipment comprising of soundproof booth, Table microphones, microphones, receivers, mixers, and so on.
  • Professional native conference interpreters, to achieve success in simultaneous interpretation, one should have a skill. So we employ trained and native interpreters to their languages.
  • Competitive pricing, we offer the services at reasonable rates but within the client’s budget and hence affordability.
  • High quality simultaneous interpreting services in Uganda because we understand clients’ needs.

So for more about our Simultaneous interpretation services in Uganda, Kampala and other Conference interpretation services in Uganda? Contact us at or call and we shall help you.