Tigrinya Translation Services

Our company delivers high quality English to Tigrinya translation services to global clients. As a leading global supplier of translation services in Uganda, we have professionally experienced Tigrinya Translators in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our services encompass all fields like banking, accounting and finance, research, education, medical, law, business, administration, and so on. So some of our services offered include, document translation, audio & video transcription, editing and proofreading, interpreting services, and many others. Additionally, having been in the industry for long we have well equipped linguists to offer professional English to Tigrinya translation services.

Understanding Tigrinya Language

Tigrinya also spelled as Tigrigna is an Ethiopic language spoken in Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia among the Tigrinya people around Tigray region. Its total number of native speakers by 2018 was estimated to about 9.73 million people in the two countries. The language attained official status in Eritrea and native to both Eritrea and Ethiopia.

English to Tigrinya Translation Services

Our agency supplies quality English to Tigrinya translation services in Ethiopia and Eritrea across all fields. We translate documents, Transcribe audios and videos files, and interpret from English to Tigrinya language and vice versa. In addition, we translate various kinds of documents. So these include academic, medical, legal, official, research, administrative, accounting and financial, among others. Furthermore, we have accomplished Tigrinya translators in Ethiopia and Eritrea for quality translation field. And this therefore guarantees confidentiality and high quality Tigrinya translation services in Ethiopia.

Other languages covered include Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Anyuak, Dinka, Bari, Nuer, Kakwa, Kuku, Zande, Shilluk, Sudanese Arabic, in Sudan, Afrikaans, Zulu, Madi, Twi, Chinese, French, Luo, Runyakitara, Spanish, among others.

Advantages of working with us for English to Tigrinya Translation services

  • We offer high quality Tigrinya translation services in Ethiopia & Eritrea to satisfy clients’ demands.
  • Our company employs accomplished native Tigrinya translators in Ethiopia and Eritrea to offer high quality services.
  • We consider clients’ budgets therefore, offering services at flexible rates without tempering with quality of services offered. And also some rate discounts for bigger clients.
  • Timely delivery of work to clients hence meeting all deadlines.

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