French Interpretation Services in Uganda

Our agency supplies French Interpretation Services in Uganda to global clients. We facilitate all kinds of events such as conferences, meetings, training, interviews, mention but a few. Our team of interpreters comprises of competent French interpreters . Additionally, our company employs only competent professional French Interpreters in Uganda to offer professional French interpretation services in Uganda. Presently, we offer; Simultaneous, Consecutive, whispered, on phone interpretation types, among others.

Professional French Interpretation Services in Uganda

We supply professional French interpretation services in Uganda and Trans Africa. Our French interpreters are professionally training in conference interpretation. Additionally, they are experienced and competent in conference interpretation. Furthermore, we facilitate events with the best simultaneous interpretation equipment regionally containing soundproof booth, wireless receivers, Table microphones and headsets covering several languages.

Other Languages include: Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German, among others. However, we also handle translation, Audio/video transcription, Proofreading and editing, Subtitling, and so on in several languages including Arabic, French.

Why prefer us for French interpretation services in Uganda?

  • Employing professional French interpreters in Uganda, as a policy of our agency, we engage only experienced and competent professionals to serve our clients to satisfaction. Additionally, all our French interpreters have familiarity in using modern interpretation equipment.
  • Use of the best interpretation equipment, we facilitate our events with the best modern interpretation equipment in the region containing booth, headsets, wired or wireless receivers, among others.
  • We are reliable to our clients when it comes to service delivery and satisfying our customers is our top priority in our business.
  • High quality French interpretation services in Uganda, our clients consume the best quality services to satisfaction.
  • Competitive prices, our interpretation services are affordable to clients and we work within their budgets. Additionally. No transport or accommodation costs incurred by the clients since all interpreters are in Uganda.

Should you require professional French interpretation services in Uganda, Kampala for your event? Please contact Afrilang Translations at or give us a call with your event details and we shall provide you with a quotation. Alternatively, you may simply visit our office if you live within the country.