Document Translation Services in Uganda 

Our agency offers professional document translation services in Uganda and world over. We translate a wide range of documents across several industries worldwide for over 200 languages. Additionally, our linguists have professional qualifications in Translation services. So as a professional agency, we engage only experienced and competent translators to provide quality document translation services in Uganda. Similarly, we have certified translators to offer certified translation services in Uganda.

Languages offered

Our company offers Document Translation Services in multiple languages. We offer all Ugandan, African and other foreign languages and some of the languages we offer include the following;

English, Luganda, Runyakitara, Ateso, Lusoga, Lugisu, Lusamia, Runyankole, Rutooro, Rukiga, Rukonjo, Runyoro, Karimojong, Lango, Acholi, Adhola, Lumasaaba, Sabinyi, Aringa, Lugwere, Rukonjo, Kiswahili, Lunyole, Ik, Lugbara, Madi, Alur, Dinka, Nuer, Arabic, Pokoto, Bari (South Sudan), Luo, Kakwa, Acholi, Kumam, Lingala, French, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Sotho, Zulu, Tsonga, Igbo, Twi, Yoruba, Hausa, Oromo, Amharic, Somali, Tigrinya, Akaan, Susu, Swati, Luhya, Krio, Edo, Toposa, Kinyarwanda, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Juba Arabic, Sudanese Arabic, Czech, Kikuyu, Lugbara and Masaai and so on.

Professional Document Translation Services in Uganda

We offer high-quality and professional document translation services in Uganda done our native translators. At Afrilang Translations, we believe that accurate document translation can only be done by Experienced and Competent linguists. Additionally, we translate different document types including Legal, academic, research, medical, financial documents and business documents, and so on. As such, we employ only trained and competent translators with wider experience in the translation industry. So our translators have experience in respective industries and have certification from reputable certifying bodies. Some of these bodies include SATI and ATA, and hence high quality Certified document translation services.

Quality Document Translation Services in Uganda offered:

  • Certified Translation Services done by certified translators
  • Research documents translation Services
  • Legal document translation services
  • Medical documents translation services
  • Financial document translation services
  • Academic documents translation services
  • Technical documents translation services
  • Business documents Translation Services, and so on.

Besides Document Translation, we offer other professional translation services including Transcription and Subtitling, Interpretation services (French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and so on.

For more information about our quality document translation services in Uganda contact us by email us at and we shall assist. Alternatively, you may call us on the number at our website or visit our office.