Runyoro Translation Services in Uganda

Afrilang Translations provides professional Runyoro translation services in Uganda to clients globally. Some of the industries covered include, Banking, finance, Education, research, medicine, agriculture, law, et cetera. To derive high quality Runyoro translation services in Uganda, we employ only professional Runyoro translators in Uganda to handle clients. Additionally, they are experienced and competent enough to deliver exceptional Runyoro translation services.

Besides, we offer several translation services including Document translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Revision, Copy-editing and Proofreading, and Subtitling, among others.

A brief note on Runyoro Language

Runyoro or Nyoro is a Bantu language dialect of the Banyoro people of Uganda. According to 2002 national population and housing census conducted in Uganda, Runyoro language had over 670,000 speakers in the country. Additionally, the language has two dialects: Orunyoro (Runyoro proper) and Rutangwenda.

We not only offer Runyoro but also other Ugandan languages like Lusoga, Luganda, Ateso, Lugisu, Runyakitara, Runyankole, Rukiga, Runtooro, Lunyole, Acholi, Lugwere, Lusamia, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Arabic, IK, Karimojong, Kumam, Lango, Lugbara, Rukonjo, Alur, Aringa, Madi, Kakwa, Adhola, Sabinyi, Sudanese Arabic, in Sudan, Twi, and so on.

Quality Runyoro Translation Services in Uganda

At Afrilang, we offer high quality Runyoro translation services in Uganda across all industries. We deliver translation services from and into Runyoro language in Uganda. Some of the document types handled include business documents, legal, official, medical, academic, business, financial, banking and research documents. Additionally, due to high level of professionalism exhibited in our company, we engage only professionally experienced Runyoro translators in Uganda. And hence offering professional Runyoro Translation services in Uganda.

Why should you prefer us for professional Runyoro Translation Services in Uganda?

  • We offer high quality translation services done by native professional Runyoro translators in Uganda.
  • Being a professional translation agency, we employ only competent Runyoro translators in Uganda. And hence, high quality Runyoro translation services in Uganda.
  • Discounted service rates, we offer the services at favorable rates and within your budget unlike our competitors.
  • We are available and reliable to clients while delivering the services.
  • Timely delivery of work and meeting deadlines because of available competent translators with experience.

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