Arabic Interpretation Services in Uganda

Our company provides Arabic interpretation services in Uganda. We cover a wide range of events including conferences, meetings, interviews, training, tour interpreting, among others. As an interpretation agency, we normally employ competent Arabic interpreters in Uganda to handle all Arabic interpreting assignments. In addition, our interpreters went through professional training and have professional experience in Arabic interpreting services in Uganda.

Currently, we offer the following interpretation services: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive Interpretation, whispered, and phone interpretation. However, we also have a modern Interpretation Equipment for facilitating the interpretation process.

Professional Arabic Interpretation Services in Uganda

We provide Arabic interpreting services in Uganda and globally. Our Arabic interpreters are knowledgeable in interpretation field and are Arabic natives hence quality Arabic interpretation services in Uganda. Additionally, all Arabic interpreters used have professional experience in delivering Arabic interpretation Services in Uganda excellently. Furthermore, we have modern interpretation equipment for aiding the interpreting process. It comprises of soundproof booth, receivers, table microphones, and wireless receivers, among others. Other languages we offer: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and German, et cetera.

Besides, we also offer Translation, editing and proofreading and Transcription services in several African languages. Luganda, Adhola, Karimojong, Ateso, Lugwere, Lugisu, Lugbara, Aringa, Alur, Madi, Lusoga, Rukonjo, Swahili, Rukiga, Lugbara, Runyankole, Runyakitara, Lusamia, Runyoro, Rutooro, Acholi, Lango, Kumam, Dinka, Nuer, Arabic, Juba Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Sudanese Arabic, Afrikaans, among others.


Why should you prefer us for Arabic Interpreting Services in Uganda, Kampala?

  • Professional Arabic interpreters in Uganda, we employ highly qualified professional Arabic interpreters in Uganda. Our Arabic interpreters in Uganda have wider experience in conference interpretation hence quality Arabic interpretation services in Uganda.
  • Excellent Arabic interpretation services in Uganda, we provide quality Arabic interpreting services in Uganda to satisfaction. This is because we employ only professional but native Arabic interpreters in Uganda.
  • Affordable rates, we supply Arabic interpretation services in Uganda at competitive rates and within the client’s budget. Additionally, our clients get discounts benefit especially in bigger engagements.
  • We use the best modern Interpretation Equipment to aid the interpreting process.

Are you in need of Arabic interpretation services in Uganda? Afrilang Translations is your reliable supplier. To contact us kindly email at or call with your event details for a quotation.