Professional Interpreting Services in Uganda

Afrilang Translations is the leading interpretation service provider for high quality interpreting services in Uganda and also East Africa. We deliver the best professional interpreting services in Uganda by professional interpreters in Uganda. Additionally, we cover all event types ranging from conferences, Seminars and workshops, trainings, Depositions, meetings, interviews among others. Some of our customers include; companies, institutions, research organizations, Law firms, individuals, Tourists, non-government organizations and so on globally.

Professional Interpreting types covered

We cover several interpreting types in Uganda, Kampala by our experienced conference interpreters in Uganda. So some of these include; Simultaneous, Conference interpreting, Consecutive, Whispered, Phone, among others.

Professional Interpreting Services in Uganda

We provide high quality interpreting services in Uganda for several event types. These include; conferences, trainings, meetings, seminars and workshops, Depositions, interviews, and so on. Additionally, we have competent interpreters to high quality interpreting for both international and local languages. Some of these languages included.  English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Runyankole, Rukiga, Ateso, Luganda, Lugisu, and so many local languages.

Why should you require Interpreting Services in Uganda for your event? And how to contact us

In order to bridge communication gaps and break all communication barriers, there arises an absolute need for interpreting services. When people of different language dialects meet, they have to communicate in order to understand each other. Therefore, this calls for professional interpreting. So that is why we bring you bilingual interpreters in Uganda to offer high quality interpreting services in Uganda.

Should you require high quality interpreting services for your event, we are here to bridge gaps across all language dialects. So kindly contact us via email at or call and we shall provide you the best services. You may also contact us for more about our services or a free quote.