Karimojong Translation Services in Uganda

Our agency delivers Karimojong Translation services in Uganda to clients globally. We handle Karimojong translation services through native professionally trained Karimojong translators in Uganda. Additionally, being a Uganda based company; we have established highly competent and experienced team of Karimojong translators for all quality Karimojong translation services in Uganda. Some of the industries handled include, legal, medicine, education, research, business, banking and finance and religious, et cetera.

Services presently offered include, Document translation services, proofreading and editing, Revision, Audio and Video transcription Services, Subtitling services, Interpretation services, Copy editing, and so on.

Briefly About Karimojong

Karimojong a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Karimojong people of Karimoja sub-region in North-eastern Uganda. Karimojong is closely related to Ateso language of Iteso people in Eastern Uganda. According to the 2014 National Population and Housing census statistics, there were about 691,000 karimojong speakers in Uganda. Additionally, the language is native to Karimoja and Moroto District in North Eastern Uganda.

Professional Karimojong Translation Services in Uganda

Our agency delivers Karimojong translation services in Uganda. We use only Karimojong translators to handle all Karimojong assignments because they are familiar with the language. And hence better Karimojong translation Services. Similarly, all Karimojong translators in Uganda engaged in translation work went through professional training in translation hence quality services. So some kinds of documents we handle include legal, medical, education, research documents, management, business, banking and finance, among others.

We not only offer N’karimojong language but also other languages including, Luganda, Lugisu, Ateso, Lango, Lugwere, Lugbara, Lusoga, Rukiga, Rukonjo, Swahili, Samia, Sabinyi, Madi, Acholi, Adhola, Runyankole, Runyoro, Rutooro, Kinyarwanda, Dinka, Nuer, Juba Arabic, Arabic, Sudanese Arabic,Kuku, Aringa, Alur, Anuak, Kakwa, Kumam, Afrikaans, Zulu, English, French, Portuguese, Tigrinya, Amharic, Igbo, Hausa, Twi, Chinese, Italian, and so on.

Why prefer Afrilang for Quality Karimojong Translation Services in Uganda?

  • We are the most reliable translation services providers in Uganda and we understand our responsibility of handling clients’ projects well.
  • Competitive pricing, we services provide at fair prices compared to our competitors.
  • Professional Karimojong translators in Uganda, as a professional translation agency, we use only experienced Karimojong translators to deliver quality services.
  • Rate discounts, we give rate discounts especially to clients with bigger volumes of work.
  • We are ever available to serve clients and address their concerns on time.

Do you require Karimojong translation services in Uganda? Please contact Afrilang Translations at info@afrilangtranslations.com or call on the number at our website and we shall help you.