Ateso translation services in Uganda

Our company offers Ateso translation services in Uganda. We handle a number of fields and some of these fields include Education, Medical, Law, Business, Agriculture, Accounting and finance, banking, among others. Additionally, we have native Ateso translators in Uganda. Furthermore, we employ only experienced  Ateso translators in Uganda to deliver clients. And hence offfering high quality Ateso translation services in Uganda. Some of our services include Document translation

About Ateso/Teso Language

Ateso, an Eastern Nilotic language spoken by the Iteso people of eastern Uganda and western Kenya. According to 2002 national population and housing census, Ateso had over 1.57 million native speakers in Uganda. And about 279,000 in Kenya.  Additionally, Ateso is mutually intelligible with Karimojong and Kumam languages in North-Eastern Uganda. Ateso language speakers predominantly live in districts of of Teso Sub region. These include Soroti, Katakwi, Kumi, Kaberamaido, Aturtur, Ngora, Amuria, Serere, Bukedia, Nakapiripiriti, Tororo, Pallisa, Bugiri, Busia in Eastern Uganda.

Better Quality Ateso Translation Services in Uganda

Ateso translation services in Uganda. We translate all document types from English to Ateso and conversely in Uganda. Some of the document types handled Legal Documents, Education/Academic, Research, Medical, accounting and finance documents, among others. Additionally, all Ateso translators in Uganda employed have professional experience and competence in delivering Quality Ateso translation services.

Other languages offered include Luganda, Lusoga, Lugisu, Lugwere, Runyankole, Rutooro, Lugungu, Rukonjo, Runyoro, Karimojong, Lugbara, Acholi, Kakwa, Alur, Aringa, Arabic, French, Italian, Lango, Kumam, Rukiga, Japhadhola, Lunyoli, Swahili, Juba Arabic, Madi, Anuak, Afrikaans, Kuku, among others.

Why  trust us for Quality Ateso Translation Services in Uganda?

  • Clients consume quality Ateso translation services in Uganda to satisfaction. We do through native Ateso translators in Uganda at affordable rates to suit their budgets.
  • Similarly, we offer some discounts to our clients who give us bigger projects without tempering quality.
  • Additionally, we are reliable and available to serve clients any time.
  • We employ experienced Ateso translators in Uganda to do translation jobs hence delivering the best quality on time.

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