Lugwere Translation Services in Uganda

Afrilang provides Lugwere translation services in Uganda. We cover a number of translation fields  such as banking, Accounting and finance, Education, Research, Medical, legal, Agriculture, business, among others. We provide the best quality Lugwere translation services in Uganda through use of native Lugwere translators in Uganda hence high quality services. Similarly, our Lugwere translators in Uganda are professionally trained experts with higher knowledge and competence in several translation fields. Furthermore, we have certified Lugwere linguists to offer Certified Lugwere translation Services.

Services offered are: Document translation, Interpretation, Proofreading and copy-editing, Certified Lugwere translation services, Legal translation, and so on.

About Lugwere

Lugwere known as Gwere is a language belonging to the Bantu group spoken by the Bagwere or Gwere people of Eastern Uganda. Its estimated total number of native speakers is about 410,000 people as per 2002 National Population and Housing Census. Additionally, the language has high similarity level with Luganda/Ganda and Lusoga/Soga languages of central and eastern Uganda. Areas where Lugwere native speakers live include Pallisa, Kibuku and Budaka. They also be found in Mbale, Kamuli, Namutumba and Bukedia however, in small numbers.

Quality Lugwere Translation Services in Uganda

We translate several document types from English to Lugwere language and vice versa in Uganda. Some of the document types we translate include Academic documents, Legal/law, medical, agriculture, banking, accounting and finance, Research, Education documents, among others. In addition, we provide the best quality Lugwere translation services to satisfy all your translation needs. Furthermore, we involve highly trained and experienced Lugwere translators in Uganda to provide the service.

Also we offer Luganda, Lugisu, Runyankole, Runyakitara, Rutooro, Rukiga, Runyoro, Ateso, Acholi, Karimojong, Adhola, Karimojong, Lango, Madi, Kakwa, Alur, Lugbara, Aringa, Lusoga, Lunyole, Anuak, Kinyarwanda, Arabic,  Sudanese Arabic, Swahili, Juba Arabic, Kumam, Ik, French, Lusamia, Sabinyi, and Lukenye languages in Uganda.

Reasons why you should prefer us for Lugwere Translation Services in Uganda?

  • One should prefer us for quality Lugwere translation services in Uganda because we provide high quality services without duplicating quality.
  • We value and prioritize our customers hence a reason for our reliability and availability all the time to serve them.
  • Similarly, we employ only professionally trained, experienced Lugwere translators in Uganda for quality Lugwere translation services in Uganda.
  • Besides, we provide the services at affordable rates and work within their budgets.
  • Also, we give some discount offers especially to clients who give us bigger volumes of work or bigger projects.

Please contact us should you require Lugwere translation services in Uganda by simply emailing at or call us describing the details of your project and we shall link up with you. You may also if possible visit us in our office especially clients within Uganda and we shall assist you.